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EPAPFR has been funded by the European Union as part of the Justice programme 2014-2020 and by the project sponsor partners.

The Justice programme by the European Commission was put in place to contribute to the development of a European space for justice founded on recognition and mutual trust. It promotes:

  • judicial cooperation in civil matters, including in civil and commercial matters, bankruptcy cases, family matters and succession, etc.
  • judicial cooperation in criminal matters
  • legal training, including linguistic training in legal terminology, with a view to promoting a common legal and judicial culture.
  • effective access to justice in Europe, including the rights of victims of crime and procedural rights in criminal procedures
  • initiatives in the field of drug policy (aspects of judicial cooperation and crime prevention)

The EPAPFR project was selected because of its European added value for building a common European legal culture in private international law and improving cross-border cooperation, contributing to the implementation of efficient, global and coherent European tools for private international law and improving public awareness and knowledge of rights, values and principles stemming from EU law in the field of international family law.